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Free Credit Report from Experian  
View your credit history online

Did you know that your credit report information is very important to lenders when they are deciding whether to give you a loan or credit card? Which is why it's important to make sure your report is accurate and up to date.

CreditExpert is the
first and only online credit monitoring and identity fraud protection service of its kind, it's simple to use and it's free for 30-days!

Get your
free Experian credit report and 30 day free trial of the CreditExpert Monitoring Service.

Know your credit history before you apply for credit:

bullet E-mail and text alerts for early fraud detection
bullet Freephone advice from credit reference specialists
bullet Credit tips and tools to help you manage your money

Click here for your FREE Experian credit report

How can your credit report affect you?

The contents of your personal credit report are very important, and help determine whether or not a lender accepts your application for credit, such as a credit card, loan or mortgage.

Your credit report can affect your ability to:

bullet Get a loan
bullet Get a credit card
bullet Obtain a mortgage
bullet Get the best credit deals

Click here to see what information is held on your credit report

As the information held about you by credit reference agencies like Experian is used to help determine what credit you can obtain, it is important that those details are correct.

To view your personal credit report (which lenders are currently basing their credit decisions on) apply online for a credit report from Experian, the UK's largest credit reference agency, now. You will also receive a 30-day free trial of Experian's CreditExpert Monitoring Service.

Click here for a free 30-day trial and a free copy of your credit report

What information is in the report?

Credit references agencies the largest in the UK is Experian collate information about your financial background and past behaviour and format this data into your unique credit report.

Click here to see your Experian credit report online for FREE

Lenders see this information when they decide whether or not to offer you a loan, mortgage or credit card. It influences their assessment of the likelihood that you will repay them.

Information comes from two main sources:
bullet Public records, such as court judgements, individual voluntary arrangements and bankruptcies. Your credit report also shows whether you are registered to vote lenders use this as a precaution against fraud, to check that you are who you claim to be and live where you say you do.
bullet Information from lenders and financial institutions, such as records of the number of loans you have and whether you have ever missed a repayment.

Its important that all this information is as up to date as possible and correctly reflects your circumstances. Then lenders will make the best-informed decisions and you will get the right deal.

The easy way to check your credit report is to log onto CreditExpert, the credit monitoring and identity protection service from Experian.

Click here for a free, 30-day trial, which will allow you to see your credit report as often as you like.

Why check the report?

If anything in your report is out of date or gives a misleading picture of your willingness or ability to repay a loan, mortgage or credit card, it can affect your chances of getting the best deals. It can even lead to outright rejection by lenders.

For example, you may have separated from a partner who has since run up debts but, because you have still got a joint account, his or her payment behaviour could be affecting you. You won't see their credit data on your report but you will find a note of any financial association.

Or you may have shopped around for the best offer, without realising your enquiries have been registered as multiple applications. These should show as quotation searches. If they are down as applications, lenders could think you are desperate for money, have over-extended yourself or even that a fraud is being planned.

You could even discover applications and credit accounts in your name that you did not ask for. In that case, your identity may have been used fraudulently.

The easy way to check your credit report is to log onto CreditExpert, the credit monitoring and identity protection service from Experian. If you find anything you disagree with or would like to clarify the circumstances surrounding an entry, CreditExpert will help you to put the record straight.

Click here for your FREE Experian credit report
How can I improve my credit score?

An easy way to see your report is to join CreditExpert, the online credit monitoring and identity protection service from Experian.

Click here for a free copy of your Experian credit report

Check your credit report
You need to be sure that it is up to date and accurately reflects your circumstances. Keep on checking your report changes when your circumstances change.

Set the record straight
If anything on your credit report needs updating, tell Experian and they will investigate.

Dont let debts pile up
Make your repayments on time this shows potential lenders that you are likely to meet future repayments. Better still, try to pay off any outstanding amounts on credit card accounts completely.

Register to vote
Lenders check the electoral roll as a precaution against fraud, to ensure that you are who you say you are and live at the address you have given. If your name doesn't appear, lenders may not be able to confirm that you live at your address, so you could face ID checks or even rejection.

Protect your identity
If you notice something surprising on your credit report, such as a loan application you did not make, you could be a victim of identity fraud. Inform Experian, who will help to investigate and offer you help and advice.

Don't leave unnecessary footprints
When shopping around for credit, ask companies for a quotation before making a formal application. Lenders may interpret an abnormal number of credit application searches as indicating that you have applied for an unmanageable level of credit. They may even suspect fraud.

Tell the truth
Dont lie or fudge the truth on an application form. Lenders find out and any inaccuracies on your form will tell against you and cause difficulties in future.

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